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Every Week Price Reductions!

Fun right?! I’m placing the image below and a direct link to each property so you can take a better look at it.

Starting top-down, left-right here is the info!

Untitled design

1. http://sanmiguelrealestatelistings.com/properties/san-javier-2/

2. http://sanmiguelrealestatelistings.com/properties/atascadero-7/

3. http://sanmiguelrealestatelistings.com/properties/guadalupe-2/

4. http://sanmiguelrealestatelistings.com/properties/san-antonio-13/

5. http://sanmiguelrealestatelistings.com/properties/atascadero-4/

6. http://sanmiguelrealestatelistings.com/properties/centro-8/

7. http://sanmiguelrealestatelistings.com/properties/las-brisas-2/

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