Mexico’s GDP will grow by 2.2% in 2016

At a press conference, Carlos Gonzalez Tabares, director of research and strategy firm, said that the prospects of our country are better than those of other economies due to the strength of the domestic market, low inflationary pressures, the recovery of the construction sector and services.

However, he warned that it is possible that the external sector may affect the performance of Mexico in the second half of the year if the US industrial production does not pick up.

He acknowledged that prospects for 2016 are not as encouraging as a few months ago, precisely because growth will remain limited by the industrial performance of the United States.

On the financial side, he indicated that the level of the exchange rate does not correspond to the country’s fundamentals.

The international environment and budget cuts led to the direction of analysis and strategy MONEX corrected downwards from 2.6 to 2.2% its growth expectation for 2016 the Mexican economy.

– MONEX is  a Mexican foreign exchange company that specializes in international transactions and payment services for commercial clients.

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