Real Estate with Potential in the Country

Mexico has a favorable outlook for the real estate industry, “With developers in the residential and commercial sectors with deep pockets.”

This was stated by Coldwell Banker’s Commercial Director in Mexico, Jose Antonio Elizalde, who said that in the major cities the average prices of the middle-income and average-plus are increasing every year.

New developments that are meant for mixed use are also underway; apartments, offices and shopping centers in one place.

“We are seeing a lot of investment in the residential sector, customers eager to purchase new or renovated houses, and banks that continue with competitive products,” he said.

He also highlighted the importance of having with you an agent to lead you through the whole legal process.

“The commercial sector is even more complicated, because there are details on land use or obligations with delegations and municipalities that one must meet, definitely, you must be accompanied with someone who knows the market,” he said.

The Coldwell Banker National Award Ceremony 2016 counted with the presence of Tom Ferry, one of the leading Real Estate coaches in the United States who mentioned that Mexico will grow soon.

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