Top 10: Most Expensive Cities to Rent a Property

Every year cities are much more important in a country than any other place in the World Economy, due to the cities representing 80% of the GDP worldwide.

That is why, of course, cities are always more expensive to live in, the higher GDP they produce, the more jobs they produce, the higher the demand for properties are, the more expensive properties get.

Here is the list of which cities are the most expensive to rent a property, as well as, a percentage of what people destinate to rent from their wages:

City                                                                                           %


  • Beijin, China                                                                              122.9
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE                                                                            69.5
  • Hong Kong, HK                                                                           64.0
  • New York, USA                                                                            63.1
  • Shanghai, China                                                                           58.3
  • Mexico City, Mexico                                                                      58.0
  • Dubai, UAE                                                                                   55.4
  • San Francisco, USA                                                                      50.5
  • London, England                                                                           50.4
  • Paris, France                                                                                 36.2

Note: Hong Kong is not a country, nor a province of China, HK is a Special Administrative Region (SAR). With its own laws, currency system and political system. (Wanted to get this out of the way).


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